🇪🇺 🚗 Euro Roadtrip May 2023


Saturday May 6th
• Eurotunnel from Folkstone to Callais
• Callais to Dijon
• Stayed at a Motel

Sunday May 7th
• Dijon to Geneva
• Arrived in Geneva
• Went to the central Mosque
• Found a cafe in the afternoon
• Afterwards went to meet with extended family

Monday May 8th
• Geneva to Interlaken
• Arrived at Interlaken around 17:00

Tuesday May 9th
• Interlaken to Luxembourge
• Went up Grindelwald-First in the morning and did the "First Cliff Walk"
• Got some coffee afterwards
• Drove to Luxembourge
• Tried finding a prayer area, seems like it was located inside a building in an industrial estate, managed to get inside by an open door on the top floor, but the prayer area itself was behind a locked door…
• Found a nice hotel near the city centre (~about 2 miles away)
• Looked up hotel prices in Cologne for tomorrow… looks like lots are sold out, some prices as high as 700(euro or gbp?)

Wednesday May 10th
• Relatively late morning, writing this as of 10:40 having had breakfast at the hotel
• Planning on going into the city centre again one last time before driving to Cologne
• Arrived at Cologne, turns out the place we're staying at is a youth hostle, not too bad though, it's got the basics although if you want to use the TV, you've gotta rent the remote…

Thursday May 11th

Friday May 12th

Saturday May 13th