⛅️ 📺 Cloudflare TV Interstitials


In July 2020 Cloudflare TV launched — these are some of the interstitial videos I created.

This is one of the earliest cuts I created. I was exploring the idea of drawing an outline around the text and later having that become filled in. This particular render wasn't used in production, but influenced the direction of the next interstitial.

The Cloudflare TV branding is nod to the vaperwave/synthwave 80s/retro asthetic — we wanted our primary audience to experience nostalgia from their childhood whilst consuming tech/network/Cloudflare related content. With that in mind I used an audio track that felt appropriate and tried to match the movements of the video to that audio.

Similarly to the pervious videos, I had a mock up of this where the text created a trailing effect as it moved, that demo influenced what the logo for Cloudflare TV ended up looking like which in turn informed the style of this video.

Anyway, this was a fun couple of hours playing in Adobe After Effects and Cinema 4D. I'd like to do some of this work again, but use Blender instead of C4D if possible.