🤖 💻 Chef macOS Menu Bar App


Chef is a a menu bar app I made for macOS, to be used internally amongst designers at Cloudflare. It automates away much of the busy work required when getting started with a new feature/project. I believe protecting focus is important, with a a small utility app like Chef, designers can concentrate on what they do best, but also fall within the structures necessary for a scaling team.
Simply enter a name, and Chef will create all the appropriate files and folders and even open up the correct application.

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Sketch is the primary tool design tool used by the Product Design team, whereas the Adobe Creative Cloud/Suite is used by the Marketing team. Both departments share a single Google Drive to store all the assets. Naming conventions of folders however can differ between each designer, even within the same department. With Chef, all the files and folders are named auotmatically, removing the risk of inconsistency.

How it works

  1. A designer would download Chef from our internal Wiki.
  2. If they're creating a new feature as a Product Designer, it will ask them for the feature name.
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  3. If they're creating a new design as a Marketing/Brand Designer, it will ask them for the collateral name and to select a project type.
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